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Eat Food, Real Food, We All Need Whole Food

 Would you like to wake up every morning ready to conquer your day?  Would you feel more successful if you could make it through the 3:00 hour without caffeine or candy?  Would joy reverberate through your home if you gave your children complete attention and patience?


Small, incremental changes in your diet CAN help you achieve these goals.  A diet that consists of recognizable whole foods provides the necessary building blocks to reduce your stress, increase your energy levels, and improve your mood.


So what are “whole foods” anyway?  If you have picked an apple, carved a pumpkin, or visited a farm stand, you know what whole foods are.  Mother Nature grows our whole foods – think fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.


How should you start?  Each month, intentionally eat more foods that look like real food.  What do I mean by intentionally eat?  Instead of eating on the run, at the last minute or without thinking, try planning, preparing, and savoring whole foods one meal at a time.


Intentionally identify 2-3 small steps you can take this month to eat to live. Here are a few ideas to try:


  1. Eat a vegetable besides tomato or potato as part of 4 meals each week
  2. Try a new whole grain instead of white rice (e.g., quinoa, barley, etc.)
  3. Eat less animal product – embrace “Meatless Mondays”
  4. Enjoy a green smoothie – 2 times a week

What steps will you take to eat to live?

If you know you want to conquer your day, nix the candy run, and enjoy time with your family again but are not sure where to start, a health coach can provide a supportive and empowering environment to help you.  Perhaps a phone call is your first step to eat to live.


Marva Makle is a certified health coach (CHC) with a private practice in NW DC. She works with stressed out professional women who are ready to enjoy a saner, more energetic life but are too exhausted and overwhelmed to know where to start.  Marva offers private and group programs, classes, workshops, and retreats.  Join her on your journey to health and freedom. To contact Marva, go to marvamakle.com.



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