• Hot and Not Hot Yoga for beginners thru expert and every yogi in between check the schedule
  • Specialty Yoga and Meditation Workshops
  • Ruah Boutique open during regular studio hours with ruah products for home, body and wardrobe as well as specialty items sourced by the ruah team
  • Private Steam Showers that you can use a la carte or as a participating yogi which include aromatherapy
  • Tea and Cookies served daily with fresh snacks and drinks available and free wifi
  • Classes Streamed live regularly

We want to be sure you know you are welcome but you may want to understand some of the yoga studio protocol as a bit of a guideline and nothing more.  These are just suggestions for making a comfortable space for practice and meditation. Nothing is written in stone (we use keyboards now and they have a backspace so don’t stress)

  • It is helpful to get to class a few minutes early and put your mat down but don’t get attached to your spot because we will always slide over for one more.  You can properly practice with a scotch tape’s distance between you and the next yogi. Choose wisely.
  • If you are late and are deep in parking-asana, no problem, simply wait until the meditation or chanting at the beginning of class is over and quietly slide in. We are thrilled you made the effort to come to class period.
  • Chanting is always optional but this is the place to see if you would like it…some teachers will chant others will not, but try not to freak out we have confirmed that none of the chants played backwards, say “paul is dead” and in this space they are intended to invoke only peace and the 4 note range most of us have
  •  Shoes stay outside of the studio in the cubbies in an effort to get to know your real height
  •  Try to be hydrated when you come to class but if your life has drained you completely bring water or know that we also sell it by the entrance and we also sell refillable glass bottles to carry with you
  •  We have showers and changing rooms to use.  please  keep your shoes and gear in the cubbies.  There are shower experience packages you can purchase which include towels, scrubs, and essential oils and you can also rent a towel; otherwise you will need to bring your own towel for class or to shower.
  •  We have mats to try and mats to buy and of course please BYOM.   you can even drag in old Bessie your daughters friends old pilates mat.  all  mats welcome
  •  There is a daily scheduled period of silence which we hope you will enjoy.  the instructions are simple use your headphones, read a book, sit in mediation, practice yoga, use the showers, stare into space, bring your lunch to eat, play angry birds just do any of it in silence. Tell that to the voices in your head. If you want to meditate and are not sure how, we will offer classes and private instruction.

diDiane Goodman, RYT 200E, RYT 500

Di is a lawyer and entrepreneur who built a distribution business that she sold when she found yoga.  She came to yoga twelve years ago as many do in an attempt to age gracefully while dealing with the stresses of a thriving business and a growing family.  The only certainty in that plan was the aging.  She has trained with Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Beryl Bender Birch, Jiva Mukti and Shiva Rea.   The call of creating a full service yoga community center for likeminded individuals was stronger than reason and ruah was born.  It is her simple vision to develop a studio that brings more people to the mat.  Her teaching over the past 12 years has always stood for generating new yoga enthusiasts but now with ruah she can merge her teaching practice with a retail arm that serves the philanthropic requirements of this yogi’s heart.  Do not be fooled by the lovely mission statement on the mat as a teacher, this yogi will work you out.

elle-macpherson-pic-splash-63264362Jennifer Kirkpatrick, RYT 200

Jennifer is the planner for internet strategies, social media marketing & sales, and on occasion, enjoys teaching yoga.  Her background is in sales of large integrated computer software systems for the educational market.  There is no mistaking the contribution of Jennifer’s sales leadership and strategic cutting edge marketing as a key for ruah’s retail and philanthropic goals, but more important is that Jennifer is unquestionably the joyful heart at the center of ruah around which the constellations of finance, studio management, retail sales and yoga classes revolve.  She also bares a striking resemblance to elle macpherson in the dark.