Ruah teachers are each their own yogis. They are individuals who have master level practices and premier level hearts.  They style their own classes based on the ancient practice and their personal take. What they have in common is that they will love yoga for you until you love it for yourself.  They will welcome you however you arrive, and they will honor however that plays out on the mat.

Key: all classes measured on the sweat meter,  from no heat to puddle on the floor.  For clarity, all classes are a 10 on the transformation scale, but we will honor the yoga from day one to levitating (the margin for error is the reality that sometimes it is challenging just to get your laundry done).

Heat: Ruah’s studio’s range from room temperature to HOT or 95 degrees.  We do not add any humidity.  We do have a fireplace to add to the ambiance, and temperature in the colder winter months, or whenever Barry White is playing.  “We definitely got our thing together.” Warm classes are in the 80 degree range.  More yogis in the room raises the temperature, and each of us has our own internal summer going on at rest and in movement, so keep that in mind.   The bottom line is that it is not Africa hot, but drink more fluids before, during and after any class,  &/or take a child’s pose, or a break outside of the room if needed.  Icy cold fruit infused water, and hot or cold signature teas are provided.  We do recommend bringing/renting a hand towel if your body is efficient at cooling itself down.

 sweat 30 Day Challenge: challenges are fun, and typically help people to stay on track.  Ruah runs 30 Day Challenges as a means to help people raise their practice, and to transform their physical bodies and minds.  While we offer “official” dates to begin, since schedules vary, yogis may select ANY day or month to get started.  Start with a monthly unlimited class package, come to practice every day, 5 days may be practiced outside of Ruah,  as we realize life has a tendency of interfering with our plans. Simply send us a picture of you practicing, so we can add you to the board.  Once you have SUCCEEDED meeting your 30 day goal, your next month is only $30!  This is how Ruah Congratulates you– more yoga for less!   We will have a chart in the studio so yogis can map and track individual progress.  Bring a friend, it’s great fun!

sweat Ashtanga: A warm class with a set series of poses led by a teacher in a Vinyasa format.  This class is adapted for all-levels.

 sweat Mysore: Ruah’s equivalent is an open studio for anyone to come in and practice on their own.  Come, breathe, move, or just sit, be still, and meditate.  You can have an entire class of savasana!  It’s your practice.  Please view the schedule for available studio times.

 sweatPrenatal Yoga:  this is the perfect class for women who are expecting.  If you are a seasoned practitioner or have not done yoga you will be in good hands with Shara and Gretchen.  You will move and breathe in this gentle class designed for any stage of pregnancy.  Just relax and paper yourself, while you treasure this beautiful time in your life.

sweat Starter Yoga:  if you have not done yoga but are intrigued then your practice starts here.  We will move and breathe, just your willingness is what you bring.

 sweatsweat Rocket: this Ashtanga based practice is vigorous with fun infused movement that considers transporting the body through space using your core.  Translated against a Vinyasa practice, this means that floating and lifting and pressing and contracting are added with a greater emphasis to increase strength and control over your practice using strength to connect your flexibility to transitions and balances.  You do not need to have any special yoga tricks to come but you may take some with you when you leave.  Like all practices at Ruah, all welcome.

 puddle Hot Power: this class is interpreted by Ruah Stylists to be a challenging flow that happens in a room heated to approximately 95 degrees.  These classes move and are vigorous, but there is no extensive knowledge of yoga necessary, just the interest and enthusiasm for working it out on the mat.  Ruah is not bound by any license so we will surprise you while you move.

noSweatAll Level Vinyasa: for yogis who are ready to go and are interested in a more vigorous experience that is manageable for all fitness levels.

noSweatBeginners Yoga: from the very beginning yoga.  If you have not ever done yoga; your practice starts here.

noSweatCommunity Class -Donations Based: these classes are free, donations go to the Maryland Chapter of CASA, and are taught by a variety of instructors.  Come enjoy these fun free community based classes, adapted for all-levels.

noSweatKids yoga/ Yoglets: these classes will line up with adult classes, and are lead by dedicated gifted teachers.  The class will include movement, music, quiet time and snack.
noSweatMauna Silent Meditation: the studio takes a vow of silence daily for designated, specified and posted hours.  We hope you will come.  It is our greatest joy to have people practice silence in community. We will provide bolsters, blankets, seating, wifi, tea, steam showers and quiet.
noSweatMoving into Stillness: this relaxing class is a blend of seated restorative yin postures, and mindful meditation.  Blocks, bolsters and blankets help to support and sooth the body during this delightful class.

noSweatPranakriya Flow: class starts with mediation and Pranayama, which is specific controlled breathing, and then class flows with Kriya’s, which is movement to induce the internal fire. No prior knowledge or pranayama or Kriya yoga is necessary. Come with an open mind and heart.

noSweatSilver Startersall of us start fresh every day.  This class moves slowly and deliberately to remind your body of that.  You do not need to have all original parts to join in, and your AARP card can be still in the mail or frayed from use.  All ages are welcome, but silvers are revered.  We open and strengthen the body lovingly and in accord with it sometimes objecting.

noSweatSlow Flow: yogis are guided in and out of postures in a slow, mindful way, while listening to poetry and reflecting on various aspects of yoga.  This rejuvenating class is ideal for any level of practitioner.[/vc_column_text]

noSweatSlow, Quiet and Still: sometimes we need to move to find stillness.  This practice pays homage to the dog who circles before he settles into a nap.  We begin with gentle quiet movement that brings us to a guided meditation.  If you have trouble being still, this is an access point.   If you have never tried meditation, this is also a good place to begin.

noSweatYin: we begin by clarifying what this is not; yin is not a Vinyasa practice.  It is a thoughtfully arranged series of postures held for several minutes each to access the deep connective tissue and release blocked energy that can translate as being stiff or inflexible.  The particular postures are intended to soften areas that are taught.  We use bolsters and blankets and blocks and a wing and a prayer sometimes to get into the postures and then quiet breathing, music, soft light and reading to help keep you productively there. 

noSweatYoga Nidre: the Ruah version will will vary with practitioners approach, but the essence is to gently open the body  with an effort to cool the body not heat it and support you in an alert sleep like state.  Some call this effortless relaxation which a condition that is ironically not always easy to find.  You will move through supported savasanas each culminating in a Sankalpa or resolution.