Sensory Mat

The best mat  you will ever own for yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, or any exercise that suits your fancy.

Dimensions: 72 inches long by 24 inches wide

Made with natural rubber and is biodegradable

Lightweight and easy to carry

The sensory mat has therapeutic nubs (yes that is an “actual” word) to provide comfort and stability. Grips the hands, feet and knees, alleviating the need for a yoga towel.

Care and hygiene

General care instructions: wipe down the sensory mat with appreciation, using a wet cloth. Ruah Studio Mat and All Purpose  Spray is the PERFECT solution to natually clean, disinfect and refresh your mat after each use. Allow to air dry in a flat position.

Product Description

This unusual mat will change how you consider your practice possibilities because it is the first mat that is light to carry that will actually hold you in place with a bias towards comfort.

It will be your favorite mat, your companion that witnesses you flying into crow, sympathizes with you in hanuman, and eventually finishes your sentences.

If the picture is not like anything you have seen it’s because it is not like anything you have seen. But, it is really meant to be touched and practiced on because your practice matters and so do your knees.

The sensory mat is also ideal for pilates, barre, meditation or any exercise that suits your fancy.  You may need someone to wake you up from savasana, as this comfy mat will take you to a whole new level of comfort and satisfaction.

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183cm x 61cm x .5cm