Sage Bundles

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Product Description

Ruah White Sage is grown in the US by a Native American Shaman who infuses it with a prayer of gratitude and lightness. White Sage is considered the most potent to clear a space in a room or in a heart to fill with things you love and choose.

What do you do with Sage Bundles?

Smudge. If you are not familiar with smudging, you might consider trying it for clearing and moving away things in your life that you feel are in your way or in your space as well as for invoking things you intend to cultivate. We include instructions for both on the inside of the label which contains two bundles. One has been designated for creating, generating and the other for releasing and letting go. The symbolic intention is written on rice paper and will burn as the sage does with no trace.

You may ask why Sage?

Well, Salvia Alpiana, or Salvia, comes from the Latin root for healing and has come to mean clarity and is used to move negative energy away and invoking healing. The plant itself has allopathic qualities – it inhibits the growth of other plants near it. We consider this purposefully creating strong boundaries against clutter and weeds.

Where does this Practice come from?

The Ancient Hindu texts reveal this was practiced 6,000 years ago with the burning of incense. Smoke purification was performed in Egypt, with the burning of aromatic resins for religious ceremonies. It was practiced in Babylonia, Greece, Rome, Japan, Tibet, China, among the ancient Hebrews, and among indigenous tribal cultures around the world, and with the Native Tribes of North America. Pick your inspiration pick your tribe and breathe in and breathe out.