Workshops with Scoop!!

Do you find inversions a little intimidating? Want to tackle a headstand? Join Scoop this Saturday, 12/16, 12pm - 2pm, and Sunday, 12/17, 12pm - 2pm as Scoop breaks down the mechanics of both. $30 per workshop, or $50 for both!

Everybody gets to celebrate Hannukkah!

Take one $8 class between December 12th - December 20th, 2017. Mazal Tov!!

The hardest part of Yoga isn't the asana's (Poses), it's walking through the front door.

Ruah yoga studio was built for you. A place to find yourself, or lose yourself, but to be yourself.
Hot Power to Yin and everything in between.
RUAH, Your Om Away from Home.

How It All Started

We believed that if we opened our hearts and opened our doors
together we would move forward our mission of putting more mats on mother earth.
The plan is to have more people breathing and moving or sitting quietly and enjoying each other’s company or being quietly alone in a community space.
Whatever you have done in your life to this moment we can undo, whatever you have to offer we hope you will share.
Your practice matters.

How You Get Started



We operate on ruah time, which means practice begins when you arrive even if the class has started.  Just wait to enter the space until meditation is over and quietly settle in. We have made sure that there are classes at a variety of times for everyone.


Down with, PPPP, you know me. Personal Private Practice Pro. If you want personal attention, just like belly buttons, you can be either and in-ie or an out-ie. We offer in class private assistance right on your mat during class, private individual or small group by reservation.


All products are made by and for ruah

With full strength undiluted love and spirit

that grows with use and cannot

come out in the wash or lose potency


If you find your way to something to tough or too gentle or not the right fit, hang in and let us know afterward. We will make sure that you get another try to find your yoga class and your yoga teacher and your time slot. You have a place—let our yoga stylists help you find it.


If you’re running late, need a cell phone with you, have to leave early or you’re not sure if a Chevre pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc, these are all things we can help with. Come anyway, put it on silent, tell the teacher and practice in the back. Point being, whatever the matter, just come, we will work it out.